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Welcome to Capital Fundability!

Capital Fundability has partnered with Lenders who have been serving the U.S. for over 25 years; making hundreds of loans for businesses like yours everyday. We are an alternative lending firm that specializes with providing sources of funding for NEW and EXISTING businesses that banks refuse to approve. ‚Äč

While working as a Business Development Manager for a Lubricant Supplier; I constantly ran into Small and Medium size Business Owners who were trapped in the same situation. Meaning, not having access to needed funds because of either credit score, credit history or collateral. We know that life and unforeseen emergencies can easily damage either of the three. Because of my relationships with many of these Business Owners; I was moved to establish Capital Fundability as the solution.

So, if your situation requires more capital, seems dismal or unique. You should give us a call. We have made it so simple that providing us with just your name, birthdate and address the financing you need becomes as simple as hitting "Submit". At Capital Fundability ALL businesses are considered and offered a solution!